Get to know me & why I am standing

Kia ora & Hello...

"In June 1996, I found myself touching down in Waikato dairy country as both an immigrant from the United States, and the new wife of a 4th generation Waikato dairy farmer.

I am proud to have chosen Aotearoa New Zealand as my home.  I brought with me a different culture and different experiences but I quickly found my commitment to my Kiwi family, our region and our community.  After starting my new life in a foreign land, I now place great meaning on the sentiments of Dave Dobbyn's song "Welcome Home". 

Living in the Waikato constituency for 23 years, I've worked across corporate, non-profit, and governance settings, from establishing renewable generation projects, to creating employment opportunities in energy efficiency and environmental initiatives.  As a business owner, I have created employment and economic development at a local level, while contributing to the social well-being of my local community, including chairing our local school board.  I've helped facilitate sharing our unique Waikato stories through my involvement in TedX Ruakura, a platform to showcase our significant narratives to a wider audience.

I have many years experience working with a diverse range of business and community groups to grow understanding between people and contribute to the development of strategic pathways forward. The experience and skills I have developed through this work mean I fully understand the complexity that comes with the honour of Waikato Regional Councillor. I believe I am absolutely placed to represent this community.

Best regards,